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This beauty will pair perfectly with Anelare's, seasonally and locally sourced, house made Brick-Oven fired 'Pizza Bianca' or the fun 'Shrooms and Leeks' this sping! 

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SKU: 2021 CDC Cuvee

This is our FIRST stab at this fun Spanish varital!

This NEW varietal from  ANELARE will have you loading up for your everyday sipper!

Production on this one is limited to only 144 cases. This sure to be a pleaser once you taste the freshness of lime and even hints of some exotic lemongrass for freshness and giving a nice long finish. Pour this with just about everything, anytime... tip: try it with you hot and spicy fare.    

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SKU: 20 Grenache Blanc

OOOOOOH LA LA its back and not for long!  Very limited production on this vintage.
However, say hello summertime sipping and fun :) 

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SKU: 2021 CDC Rose

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